Rambling through the Ramble, the Lake, and Bethesda Fountain

One of my all time favorite areas of NYC is Central Park, specifically the area that includes Bethesda Fountain, the Lake, and the Ramble (the area just north of the Lake). Everytime I go there is something different to see, be it row boaters, leaves changing color, plants in bloom, random people moments, or just a squirrel running up a tree.

When you enter from the 81st St entrance you cross into the Ramble through this bridge:

The bridge into the Ramble.

Slightly imposing, but scenic on the bridge.

From there you have several meandering paths you can take. If you head north you will eventually find the Delacorte Theater (home of Shakespeare in the Park), the Shakespeare Garden, and Belvedere Castle.

Belvedere Castle in the sunset.

However, if you head south, you enter into a very confusing amount of twisty turning paths and you never know where you will come out.

An arch in the Ramble. It doesn’t lead to Narnia.

A lamppost in the Ramble…I need to go back to this when it snows.

Oddly shaped tree with the Dakota in the background.

If you persevere while heading south, you will be presented with some great views of the Lake, complete with row boaters.

A piece of paradise in the midst of a metropolis.

A romantic moment on the Lake with a weeping willow. That might be an oxymoron.

Romantic rowers heading back to the boat house.

The sun sets between the buildings giving a nice refractive effect on the Lake.

The rowers through the Weeping Willows.

Just to the south of the Lake is Bethesda Fountain. Many will recognize it from such films as Angels in America, Ransom, Home Alone 2, and Elf (among many others).

Bethesda Fountain Angel looking down on the multitudes.

Park Dreams.

If you continue south you enter the Mall and many other sites.

I find this romantic for some reason. Must be a combo of the leaves and the bench.

Saxophonist playing in the leaves.

The lovers have a picnic beneath the tree (and somewhere in there is a puppy as well).

See you next time, when we stray away from Central Park for some cityscapes and architecture.


About nsantasier

I am an actor, fight choreographer, playwright, and photographer based in and around NYC. I shoot on a Canon Rebel T5i with either a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens or a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom lens as they are the only lenses I currently own.
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