Autumn reached Central Park

I had been waiting and waiting for autumn to get here. Namely because last year it never really showed up and I didn’t get the best pictures of the changing leaves. This year, nature kept holding it back and/or raining all the time. I was finally able to get to Central Park the weekend before Halloween (also now the weekend before Hurricane Sandy) where it was very cloudy out, but I didn’t care. I was going to go see changing leaves. Apparently there was also a pumpkin festival in the park that morning, but I went in the afternoon before going to a show. Since I have discussed most of these areas in previous posts, here are the pictures with captions and that’s it.

Autumn hits Central Park.

Not only the leaves on the top of the trees, but the ones on the vines running up the trunk are changed.

The Mall in all it’s autumn festivity.

My eye sight is not so great, I didn’t even see the pigeons when I took this pic. I was aiming for the statue and the leaves in the background. Funny how it worked out.

Let’s have a wedding on a bridge.

Trees and lake in the foreground, city buildings in the background. This is my NYC.

I believe there is a witch buried under this tree. Spooky.

Leaves on the lake.

The picnic-ers.

Lamppost and very bright leaves.

I have never seen this gazebo before, but it looks great!

I stayed in the southern end of the park and revisited the Pond in the Southeast corner by Fifth Ave (also FAO Schwartz and the Apple store). I have always loved this quiet area which also houses the Hallett Nature Sanctuary and is just south of the Central Park Zoo. Here is found the Gapstow Bridge and the Pond. TV viewers might recognize this area as well, as I believe the Gapstow is seen in the background of the latest episode of Doctor Who, along with quite a few other NYC-based TV shows and films.

The pond from on top of the Gapstow Bridge.

The Gapstow Bridge from the north…the pond is dried out on this side.

The Gapstow Bridge from the south. Look at the colors.

A view through the trees.

I climbed the rock to get an aerial view.

Better proof that I am on top of a large mountain/hill of rocks.

That wraps it up for this seasonal entry. Next we will probably return to New Orleans for a cemetery entry. Not sure which one yet. See you all next week!


About nsantasier

I am an actor, fight choreographer, playwright, and photographer based in and around NYC. I shoot on a Canon Rebel T5i with either a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens or a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom lens as they are the only lenses I currently own.
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