New Orleans: Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

While down in New Orleans, I played tourist for a bit and joined a tour to the oldest cemetery in town: Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1. I opted to use Haunted History tours which was a great move. My tour guide (whose name I have sadly forgotten, it’s been over a month since I was there, I hope they forgive me) was extremely personable and knowledgable on every area of the tour. It started in front of Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop and wound through some neighborhoods where we learned the history and then we got to the cemetery.

The front gate.

Towering over the cemetery is a mausoleum that houses the designer of the cemetery itself.

It just towers above all.

Overlooking the whole cemetery.

Italians do not do anything small. The designer of the cemetery is buried here.

Italians like statues. Have you not seen the Renaissance? 

The most famous inmates of this cemetery include Marie Laveau, Homer Plessy (of Plessy vs. Ferguson), and Etienne de Bore – first mayor of NO.

The most famous grave, covered in defacement. None of these marks have to do with the religion.

Now, bring on the grave viewing!

While graves are not supposed to be defaced or painted, they do allow an elderly gentleman to do this to his family plot. He is there everyday and repaints it as time permits.

Gated in.

A very old grave, just a pile of bricks.

A step grave.

This is how close everything is as you walk through.

Interesting pyramid tower.

Even with a destroyed grave, people still visit.

Wall of graves.

This one is in the back and is very different from the rest.

For Doctor Who fans: don’t blink!

I just find the weather damage and discoloration interesting here.

This angle makes this a tad creepy.

If you don’t keep an eye on the statues they might just demolish the grave. He even looks guilty.

A rebuilt bench for sitting before the mausoleum.

Look at all the different textures.

And as a bit of a Hollywood bonus:

Future resting place of Nicolas Cage. Even the locals find this one weird looking for the cemetery.

I think next week we shall continue the cemetery trips in New Orleans with a look at Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the Garden District.


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I am an actor, fight choreographer, playwright, and photographer based in and around NYC. I shoot on a Canon Rebel T5i with either a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens or a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom lens as they are the only lenses I currently own.
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  1. Celiac and Allergy Adventures says:

    Great pictures of this cemetery!

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