A Day in Easton, PA

We have spent several days in Easton, PA over the past few months. On the first trip, I brought my camera and explored the town quite thoroughly. A lot of walking the hills and streets to see old buildings and churches spread out around the town, walking along the Delaware River and Lehigh River, exploring old book stores, getting homemade ice cream, and seeing massive groups enter the Crayola Experience – most of which is considered the Historic District. It was a full day and very interesting to see the town, despite a MASSIVE storm which caused me to hide in the car with a book. We also found many places with EXCELLENT food (seafood, burgers, etc). It’s a lovely town and I highly recommend it for a quiet getaway.

The bridge we drove across from NJ into Easton over the Delaware River.

Another bridge over the Delaware River by the Lehigh River junction.

A dam at work.

Remains of a fort overlooking the river.

A bridge over the Lehigh River.

Statue of Larry Holmes in Scott Park.

Christmas Trees are very popular here.

Some fantastic old architecture for homes.

I love the porch designs.

Welcome to the red door.

Artwork on display.

A gate to the Northampton County Government building.

This is definitely how a pub should look.

Looking down the main street (this is all downhill).

An alley of pubs.

Those are some large crayons.

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in the middle of a traffic circle.

Some funky bike racks.

More of the monument.

The stone in front of the monument.

A pawn shop standing out in the circle.

A more artsy bike rack.

Greenery has attacked the used book store.

An interesting facade.

Looking up the sidewalk.

Detail of the post office.

Fantastic murals on the jazz club.

An old movie theatre ticket booth.

Rock Church of Easton.

The public library.

Houses on top of houses.

Found the firehouse.

We ate here on our second trip to Easton, wonderful bar food.

One of two performing arts centers.

An alleyway and fire escape.

The center for the arts – a converted movie theatre.

A lovely outdoor seating area.

Another outdoor seating area – very colorful … plus ice cream.

Doorway to a kitch store.

The kitch store sells booze too.

A hidden door.

Another great porch.

These are scattered around town. Such a wonderful idea.

A colorful Italian restaurant.

The clouds roll in over the Delaware.

Time to seek shelter as the hail starts falling.

Next time: a tiring hike at PEEC.

About nsantasier

I am an actor, fight choreographer, playwright, and photographer based in and around NYC. I shoot on a Canon Rebel T5i with either a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens or a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom lens as they are the only lenses I currently own.
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1 Response to A Day in Easton, PA

  1. Raymond Saint-Pierre says:

    1. Kitsch?
    2. I think that the specific name of a place in the captions of your photos is to be considered? It might help when someone searches for an image?
    3. Hiking “up hills & down streets?” Your narrative is bit too non-adjectivial?
    4. If you use “we;” how did you wind up alone with a book? Unless you’re being papal or royal? )
    Just your old uncle, the English teacher, being persnickety! #WRITEON

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