A Few Days in Charlottesville

During our trip to Charlottesville, VA, we took in a few of the sites (as seen earlier in this blog). This entry covers our hotel (which was beautiful), one image from the town mall, and a string of images from the Michie Tavern and Meadow Run Mill & General Store complex. It was a very cloudy day, but I think it aided in some of the atmosphere of these locales.

First up: Michie Tavern and Meadow Run Mill & General Store:

The whole complex under the shelter of the trees.

They have an armory.

The porch of the armory.

It’s very scenic and I like the wooden siding and stone chimneys.

Michie Tavern had a long line, so we skipped it.

A view of the cemetery across the street.

A nice stone wall below the armory.

A lot of stone walls cover the complex.

The wood shed.

Making it more wistful.

The woodshed with a creek in front of it.

The bathroom is slightly hidden.

A scenic old well.

Here is the only shot of the mall I enjoyed:

There is a carousel in the middle of the mall.

Keswick Hall:

The front entrance.

Some lovely gardens and seating areas.

They have a vineyard.

Wine barrels to show off the vineyard entrance.

The drive approach.

Walking over to the spa.

I love overgrown trellises.

The pool (it was quite warm for swimming).

The hotel and the pool.

Overlooking the golf course.

The other pool (connected to the spa).

The fountain by the front entrance.

Next time: Easton, PA.

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Halloween Extravaganza at St John the Divine

I was supposed to do more Charlottesville pics for this entry, but decided to put up the pics from Halloween, because, well, Halloween.

On October 27, Mettawee River Theatre Company put on a pageant at St. John the Divine paired with an old horror movie. This year it was The Phantom of the Opera. While the film was slightly long, the pageant afterwards was fantastic (this was my second year seeing it, first time with the camera, so I knew what I was aiming for). The lighting of the cathedral added to the mysteriousness and spookiness of the procession. They do two shows during one night. We went to the later one, which is supposed to be spookier…

The performers have incorporated dealing with everyday technology, including smartphones. They pose, take selfies, act confused by them, etc. It’s truly wonderful to see and well worth the price of admission ($25 per person).

The view of the cathedral nave as you enter.

The movie screen hanging high above for all to see.

Ghoulish watchers on the pillars.

Using church lighting to make the everyday iconography a tad diabolical/creepy.

People walk down the nave to find their seats.

The lighting of the arch adds to the atmosphere.

More ghoulish watchers.

Looking down on the crowd.

On the arch by the screen.

Any one want some fish? Sorry. Too late.

A demon enters to begin the procession.

One of my favorite designs. The staff adds so much to the character.

Close up of the mask.

The revels have begun.

A knight approaches.

The lighting adds so much to the imagery.

The bishop is not pleased.

Wonderful craftsmanship on this one.

The smoke plays with every one of his gestures.

A massive mask.

Up close.

A flyer dances by.

The dead cellist passes by on his way to his podium to play.

Another favorite of mine.

A witch approaches.

Facing off.

Such a large snout for sniffing out the naughty ones…

Railing to the fiends.

Spinning in the light and shadow.

All of the colors in these two.

They cower as they pass by.

Ignoring the bishop in order to act some mischief on the onlookers.

Look at those talons.

Looks like something out of Labyrinth.

The giant skeleton approaches.

Puppets on sticks are always amazing to watch.

The procession heads down the nave.

Such wonderful use of smoke and light.

After the procession, a close up of their entrance portal.

The ghoul hanging from the rafters (extremely dark up there).

The cellist plays long after the others have departed.

I loved getting these shots with the candles in them.

The full cellist.

Close up of the mask.

Very macabre. I love it.

Applauding the music.

Next time: Charlottesville … for real this time.

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Monticello in May

It’s been awhile since the last entry due to schedules and trips. So here we are, way back in May 2017, exploring Charlottesville, VA¬†before a wedding. One major stop for us was Monticello. We actually went twice, which can be seen in the cloud cover in the images I took. The trips included the walk from the entrance to the house, the house tour, wandering the grounds, and the surrounding area. Photos were not allowed inside the main house, so you’ll have to go to see for yourself. We tried a few of the tours, the house one is nice. Others are not very exciting and were even boring, so I would wander off from time to time to explore and find images.

Some interesting grave stones in the Jefferson Family cemetery.

Jefferson’s grave.

The gate to the cemetery.

Remains of a house.

The main house/Monticello.

A garden by the steps.

The rear porch.

Garden and porch.

Seeing the main facade through the trees.

The house and clouds.

The west lawn and the house.

The west lawn.

Under the house in the cellars.

The view to the south.

The walkway from a cellar entrance to the front door.

The covered porch in front of the kitchen.

Recreating some of the old architecture.

An old well.

The fish pond.

Day two where the sky was less overcast.

Sewer grating.

A vegetable garden that is still in use.

Hemming’s Cabin.

One of the many paths used for guests to arrive at Monticello.

The Stone Stable.

One of the slave graves.

A viewing station at the edge of the hilltop.

The view to the south.

Gardens and mountains.

The main road and the walk back down the hill.

Next time: Some shots of Charlottesville, VA.

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A Cherry Tree at Grace Church

I walk by Grace Church a lot. It has a nice yard on two sides of it, and towers above various buildings on the block. In the springtime, there is a lone tree with cherry blossoms on it. Usually this section is locked off, but someone left the gate open, so I took a bunch of photos. Have a look.

Walking down the street and I already see blossoms.

Cherry blossoms and architecture.

The gate is open.

Walking along the path.

Close to the blossoms.

VERY close.

They were all around me as I stood under the tree.

About to open.

All of the color and scents.

Completely at peak bloom, just about to go past it.

The yard under the tree.

The sun was brutal.

Looking up at the tower.

The clouds cleared so I could get this one.

Next time: several trips and surprises are on their way.

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Brooklyn Botanical and the Cherry Blossoms of Spring 2017

I hadn’t been sure I was going to be making a trip out to the gardens this spring, due to personal reasons, but when presented with the chance, I was up and out the door and ready to go. The cherry blossoms were about half done in the Japanese Garden, and barely started out in the esplanade. But it was a bright sunny day out, so I had fun and got quite a few images as well. It was early in the season, so most flowers were just starting to bloom, creating a nice feeling of birth. This was made even more suitable as the garden is finally finished being renovated, and the new Water Garden is open to the public.

Lilac just starting to bloom.

Colors starting to emerge.

Cherry blossoms in the wind.

Blossoms over the pond.

The Weeping Willow Cherry Tree is crying blossoms on the pond.

Reaching for the water.

The sun shines on the blossoms.

The remaining blossoms over the pond.

A flower floats among the blossoms.

A bright day in the Japanese Garden.

The shrine.

Close up of a flower.

The blossoms over art.

Everything is starting to bloom.

A tulip waits.

Magnolias in bloom.

A white magnolia tree.

Bright yellow tulip.

The deepest of red.

The yellow acts as a pastel in this tulip.

Red highlights.

The newly opened Water Garden.

Reflections on the new pond.

An interesting remainder of a tree.

Next time: A lone cherry tree south of Union Square.

Reminder: Currently doing a sale on photo shoots in NYC.

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Mother’s Day sale

There are only 3 weeks left before Mother’s Day!

Are you far from home in NYC and want to send your mom beautiful images of you, with or without your family? Do you want to show off your child? Your significant other? Your furry family? Your not-so-furry family?

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2) Basic Package – $200/hr (normally $350)

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4) Traveling Package – $300/hr (normally $500)

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We wander through a neighborhood/park taking photos in various locations.

Access to digital images on dropbox or Google Drive

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*All packages include consulting on print orders afterwards.

**Shoots only available in NYC and surrounding metro areas.

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A Very Empty Atlantic City Boardwalk

Took a day and went down to Atlantic City for a bit. It’s the off season, so it’s incredibly empty. I thought it was nice and peaceful, outside of the massive strobe lights of the casinos. The beach is very nice. Lots of seagulls and crabs. The boardwalk was a lovely stroll to take in the area as well. If you’re not one for massive crowds and tourists, then I suggest going during the off season. Not as many shops are open, but you can still have a lovely time. Here are a few images I got of the beach and boardwalk.

This might have been the most crowded we saw the boardwalk the entire time we were there.

One of many entryways to the beach.

An old pier into the water.

Looks forbidding in b&w.

Looking along the pylons.

Some kind of drainage pipe.

The birds congregate.

What do they see out in the water?

Looking out to sea from a pier.

Guarding the drainage pipe.

A view under the pier.

Coming in for a landing.

Creepy under the pier.

Along more of the pylons.

A boarded path back to the boardwalk.

A view of our hotel Рthe Claridge Р they had a wonderful groupon running.

This casino/hotel is very wide.

This statue is very creepy looking. And you can pose under it…

Next time: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in the Spring and beginning to bloom.


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